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MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator

  • The new MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator, the smallest in the multi-award winning MeacoFan range, offers a compact version for use in the home, office or anywhere where a near silent, low energy cooling fan would be useful.

    The 360 is particularly good for bedroom cooling because it is small enough to fit on a bedside table, or even on a windowsill. If you don’t want to wake up cold in the middle of the night, use the Off Timer and the fan will turn off after a set time to ensure you don’t wake up feeling too cold. 

    Meaco have used DC technology before in the multi-award winning MeacoFan 1056 fan so they know how good and reliable the technology is. The three major benefits are: low noise level, low running costs and a longer lifespan.


    • Low noise level
    • Max airflow – 360m³/hour
    • Power consumption – 2.5 to 10 watts
    • Fan type – DC
    • Oscillation - 60° up, 20° down (manual) and 38° left, 33° right (auto)
    • Dimensions - 298 x 209 x 213.5mm
    • Weight - 1.36Kgs
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