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Bosch Compress CS5800i AW 4kW Air Source Heat Pump

  • Built for UK homes and UK weather, the all new CS5800i air to water heat pump brings a more responsible and efficient way to keep you warm, wherever you live.

    The quietest heat pump in Bosch's UK heat pump range, the CS5800i is as quiet as can be. The sleek, compact, outdoor unit has been designed perfectly to look good in your garden. Lower carbon emissions, a higher flow temperature and better home comfort.

    • Ultra quiet - With integrated diffuser and Quiet Mark certified
    • Compact - Stunning modern design and simple to install
    • High performance - Flow temperatures up to 75°C for wider
    • range of UK homes & SCOP up to 4.65
    • More responsible - R290 refrigerant has a low global warming potential score of only 3
    • Flexible - Perfect for renovation projects and new build, with a range of compatible indoor units
    • Design - All the style and maximum reliability you’ve come to expect from Bosch.


    • Energy Efficiency Class (35°C) A+++
    • Energy Efficiency Class (55°C) A++
    • Heating Power at A2 / W35 4.31
    • Coefficient of Performance (COP) at +7 / W35 3.59


    • Outdoor unit: 800mm H x 1100mm W x 540mm D
    • Indoor unit: 700mm H x 400mm W x 290mm D
    • Slimline Cylinder (180l):1708mm H x 653mm W x 645mm D
    • Standard Cylinders:
    • 210l - 1561mm H x 674mm W x 747mm D
    • 250l - 1806mm H x 674mm W x 747mm D

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