Find Your Quiet with LG's Quiet Mark Certified Kitchen Appliances worth £4,000

in partnership with A Quiet Place: Day One in cinemas 28th June

Breville VKT236 Edge Low Steam Kettle

  • Breville Edge Low Steam Kettle.   Brushed stainless steel finish with high shine chrome accents for a sleek, modern look. Steam Surge Control produces 75% less steam and condensation*, ideal for small spaces and use underneath wall-mounted kitchen cupboards. Quiet Mark approved, with a 50% quieter boil that makes this kettle ideal for open-plan kitchens. 1.7L capacity, 3kw fast and quiet boil.

    • 1.7L Jug Water Kettle
    • 3kW power
    • 360 degree power base
    • Steam Surge Control, 75% less steam and condensation
    • Quiet Mark approved, with a 50% quieter boil*
    • Brushed stainless steel fast boil 1.7L Kettle
    • Water window and wide spout make accurate filling
    • Removable, cleanable limescale filter; concealed element for easy cleaning

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