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BuzziSpace BuzziMoon Acoustic Pendant Lighting

  • Don’t be deceived by the straightforward design of this pendant lamp. BuzziMoon offers the best of both worlds; highly functional general lighting embedded in a proven acoustic ceiling solution. 

    BuzziMoon is one of the first acoustical lighting solutions that perform equally on lighting as well as acoustic level. The LED light module has an output of 2500 lumen at a colour temperature of 3000K and is designed specifically to answer the request of general lighting in office space. 

    The soft edges diffuse sounds while the structural body, made from absorbing materials, delivers excellent acoustic performance. With its high density, this solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.

    Available in different fabrics and various 3D patterns to suit any modern residential or commercial space.

    • Models: Round | Oval
    • LED disk: Powder coated metal body
    • Opaque diffuser
    • Acoustic Panel: Honeycomb cardboard
    • Acoustic foam filling
    • Upholstered acoustic panel
    • IP20
    • Dry usage
    • Round: Flat, 3D Drop, 3D leaf, 3D Rib
    • Oval: Flat, 3D leaf, 3D Rib
    • Assembled

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