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BuzziSpace BuzziZepp Suspended Acoustic Lighting Element

  • You can evoke a feeling of tranquility and security in the space by hanging this impressive, sound-absorbing panel. With its striking shape, it ensures minimal echo while it visually delineates open spaces.

    The high acoustic performance of this streamlined, floating element is all thanks to the design and materials. The soft edges and round silhouette spread sounds while the perforations in the core material increase absorbing properties. Placed above the sound source, e.g. people’s chatter, the concave shape trap sound waves as they travel upwards. The slim framework is made of upholstered acoustic panels, engineered to absorb sound and reduce echo. Hence, it effectively combats low, mid and high-frequency tones.

    BuzziZepp hovers so it can define zones, establishing a more intimate, quiet and purposeful sense of space, without the need for vertical partitions or walls. Thanks to its extra slim lines, it appears as if floating above a table. The large opening at the center of the BuzziZepp lets light pass through between the ceiling and the table. Combine multiple Zepps in multiple heights to create groupings and choose from a range of the different color upholstery options to visually partition a large open space into microenvironments.

    • Design by Alain Gilles and BuzziSpace Studio
    • Ceiling suspended
    • Sizes: Small | Medium
    • Upholstered acoustic panel
    • IP20 Dry usage
    • Flat packed
    • The product must be suspended on a solid structure or ceiling, taking into account the weight of the product and the local regulation.

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