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Coway AP-1523D Air Purifier

  • The Coway STORM II (AP-1523D) is an improved air purifier with redefined filter size enlarged by 50 percent wider compared to its first generation model.

    With the Copper HEPA Filter (H13), it could remove up to 99.999% of 0.01μm particles, effectively eliminate pets’ odour, human body odour and indoor dust including haze particles significantly improving air quality to provide a haven of clean and breathable air for users.

    The upgraded STORM II also offers 2.5 times more robust air circulation with an enlarged fan size to enhance wind speed and airflow. With its advanced haze mode and multidirectional airflow function, it helps eradicate stagnant areas by facilitating faster and highly efficient airflow in all corners of a room or space. 

    The STORM II air purifier has been meticulously designed to offer a tranquil and uninterrupted user experience. It enables users to enjoy continuous usage with whisper-quiet operation with impressively 35 percent saving of power consumption compared to its predecessor. 

    • Covers room size up to 50 m2 
    • It provides Smart Mode, Turbo Mode, Haze Mode & Sleep Mode.
    • All filters are 50% wider than the first model. 
    • Powerful inbuilt turbo fan that able to provide stronger airflow.
    • Features with 4-Step Filtration System.
    • Equipped with Pre-Filter, Fine Dust Filter, Double Deodorisation Filter and Copper HEPA Filter (H13).
    • Air quality is easily identified through the Air Quality Indicator. 
    • The airflow is able to circulate up to 10 meters in distance.
    • Consumes only 42W of power consumption. 
    • Guaranteed quality service by Product Complimentary Care & Maintenance.

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