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Daikin MC55VB Air Purifier

  • Daikin air purifiers minimise asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust particles, pollen and other allergens from your indoor air, helping to keep you healthy by filtering out airborne bacteria and viruses. Daikin air purifiers clean your air by combining our patented streamer technology and an active plasma ion generation unit with high performance HEPA filters. The result: healthy and clean air quality for everyone.

    The perfect fit for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, the Daikin MC55VB Air Purifier has been designed for nearsilent but powerful cleaning capability – all in a compact unit.

    • Whisper-quiet powerful filtration for spaces of up to 41m2
    • Compact, space-saving design
    • Powerful suction, for fast, efficient air purification
    • Up to 10-year lifespan on dust filters
    • No complicated cleaning – simply use a vacuum or damp cloth


    • Product code / SKU: MC55VBFVM
    • Product Type: Air Purifier
    • Application: Floor standing type
    • Casing Colour: White
    • Dimensions: 
      • Height    500 mm    
      • Width    270 mm    
      • Depth    270 mm    
    • Weight    Unit: 6.8kg
    • Applicable room area (m²): 41 (1), 82 (2) 
    • Dust collecting method: Electrostatic HEPA filter
    • Deodorising method: Flash streamer + Deodorising catalyst

    (1) - The applicable room area is appropriate for operating the unit of maximum fan speed (HH). Applicable room area indicates the space where a certain amount of dust particles can be remover in 30 minutes. (JEM 1467)
    (2) - Converted to NRCC standards from test values in accordance with JEM1467.

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