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Elvie Electric Single Breast Pump

  • Elvie Pump is a smart, slimline wearable electric breast pump. Tucking discreetly in-bra, Elvie Pump can be controlled from the Pump with Elvie app for a seamless hands-free experience—leaving you free to roam where other pumpers dare not go. Elvie Pump is the smallest1, quietest2, and smartest3 electric breast pump. With the new SmartRhythmTM pumping feature, it’s customisable for your changing needs. Choose between four pumping rhythms to optimise your milk output and manage hurdles like sensitive nipples or heavier let-down. That way, you can pump smarter, not harder.

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  • - Elvie Pump is the smallest all-in-bra breast pump for ultimate discretion.
    - Quietest2, thanks to Piezo-PowerTM. Only Elvie Pump uses powerful, miniature Piezo pumps. 
    - SmartRhythmTM pumping includes four pumping rhythms for greater personalisation (Only available on iOS. Android coming soon).
    - Pump with Elvie app. Control Elvie Pump from your phone, monitor milk volumes in real-time and track pumping history.
    - All-in-one, hands-free design with no external cords or tubes. Easy to assemble. 
    - Control the lights on your pump (brighten for nighttime or dim for discretion).
    - Each reusable bottle holds 5 oz/150 ml of milk, and is fridge/freezer safe.
    - Pump on either breast using the Side Selector to accurately track in-app. 
    - Can be combined with another single Elvie Pump to use as a double pump.

    - Wearable all-in-one electric breast pump
    - App enabled
    - Includes Breast Shields in two sizes in the box for the best fit
    -  Only 5 parts to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher.
    - Includes spare bottles 
    - Closed system protects mother and baby. 
    - BPA free and food safe. 
    - Charges in two hours via micro-USB, which will last for 2.5 hours or 5-6 pumping sessions (depending on your settings). 

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