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Haier HETR3619ENPB Series 3 Combi Freestanding Fridge Freezer

  • Haier's 3 door 60 refrigerators boast an impressively engineered freezer drawer system that ensures quick access to the entire freezer. It allows a more efficient use of space for your frozen food and it saves up to 30%* of energy while loading your food. Moreover, the Fresher Techs® are constantly adjusting conditions to ensure the quality and the preservation of your food. Haier's 3D 60 Series 3 refrigerators guarantee the perfect preservation of your food thanks to specialised zones and unique technologies.

    • Direct Access Drawers - save up to 30%* energy by keeping more cooled air within
    • MyZone compartment - the fridge will set the perfect temperature for your needs

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