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Haigh Quattro Solo dB Macerator

  • With macerators for waste disposal moving out of the sluice room and into patient areas, it’s only natural that Haigh prioritise noise reduction in the design of their macerators.

    Solo dB quickly and quietly disposes of one pulp item so is perfect for placing directly into an en-suite bathroom of a ward. You can have complete confidence in running the machine at night and that it won’t disturb your patient’s sleep. It is a user-friendly and reliable machine with secure locking features making it truly designed for point of care toileting.


    • Disposes of one pulp item in just over a minute
    • External surfaces are IP rated and incorporates silver antimicrobial technology
    • Integrated disinfectant for ultimate infection control inside the machine
    • Secure RFID locking with hands-free open and close
    • Night mode noise level 
    • Average quick cycle time of 70 – 80 seconds
    • Superfine maceration for maximum drain protection
    • Compact dimensions: 908mm (H) x 411mm (W) x 524mm (D)
    • World-leading three years warranty as standard


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