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Ideal Logic Max System Boilers

  • The new Ideal Logic Max System boiler is the next evolution of our award-winning Logic range with a range of new features including a new larger high resolution colour screen and sleek modern design. The Logic Max System comes with an Ideal System Filter, enhancing the longevity of your boiler to reliably heat your home, whilst been covered by a 10 year warranty.

    • Large high resolution colour screen
    • Compatible with the Halo smart programmable room thermostat range
    • Compact cupboard fit for a discrete install
    • Comes with an Ideal System Filter to maintain and protect your heating system
    • Sleek modern design
    • Quick and easy to install and service
    • Compatible with green heating technologies including solar thermal and hybrid systems
    • Quiet Mark certified outputs: 15kW, 18kW
  • Quiet Mark certified output 15kW 18kW
    Max Installation weight kg 27.3 27.3
    CH Output(kW) min/max mean 70ºC 4.8-15.0 4.8-18.0
    CH Output(kW) min/max mean 40ºC 5.1-15.9 5.1-19.1
    SEDBUK rating (2005)% 91.2 91.1
    SEDBUK rating (2009/2012)% 89.4 89.7
    NOx Classification Class 6 Class 6
    LPG conversion No Yes
    Max Horizontal flue 9m 9m
    Max Vertical Flue 7.7m 7.5m
    Seasonal space heating efficiency class A A
    Seasonal space heating energy efficiency µs % 93 93

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