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Levoit Classic Tower Fan LTF-F362

  • LEVOIT Classic Tower Fan 92cm, 7.9m/s Powerful Wind Speed, Silent Fan, 26W Energy Saving, 4 Modes, 12 Speeds, 90° Oscillation, Remote Control, 1-12 Hours Timer Function

  • 1.Powerful - Maximum wind speed of 7.9m/s
    2.Quiet noise level
    3.Meets Various Needs - 4 modes, 12 wind speeds, 90° oscillation
    4.Multi-functional - Timer function
    5.Classic Design - 92cm height, distinguishes from traditional fans, more aesthetically pleasing
    6.Easy Assembly - No additional tools required
    7.Easy to Clean -removable back cover + wind wheel
    8.Easy Control - LED display + touch buttons + remote control
    9. Dimensions: 16.5*16.5*92 cm

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