LG Door-in-Door™ GSJV91BSAE American Fridge Freezer

  • With a sleek minimal design the LG GSJV91BSAE will be the centrepiece of your kitchen. The striking new design brings style and practical solutions building on LG's award-winning technologies. LG's unique Door-in-Door™ allows quick easy access without opening the full door, losing less cold air, saving on running costs. For greater practicality the interior has been redesigned to give greater storage than previous LG models. With LG's innovative UVNano™ technology within the dispenser harmful bacteria is eliminated automatically with UV light.


    Door-in-Door™ is a second door set within the main fridge door. Inside, you can store the items you use most. This allows you to quickly grab your most-used items without losing cold air.

    UVNano™ Dispenser

    Using UV light to sterilise and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the water dispenser, automatically every hour or at your own operation, you can enjoy water fresh clean water glass after glass.

    NatureFRESH™ with DoorCooling+™ & Linear Cooling™

    Steady, even temperatures are key to freshness. Thanks to LG's NatureFRESH™ technology, it limits temperature fluctuation and provide even cold air throughout the fridge to keep food fresher for longer.

    LG NatureFRESH™ uses DoorCooling+™ to provide fast cool air and makes door area temperature cooler and quicker than the conventional system, while Linear Cooling™ reduces temperature fluctuation, giving constant temperature to keep food fresh. Now you can enjoy fresh food and produce for longer.


    LG’s metallic back infuses practical design with a modern aesthetic, giving you a premium feel on the interior of our fridge freezers. Impress with sophisticated style inside and out, and have the talking point of all the parties!

    Inverter Linear Compressor

    LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor uses just one friction point, allowing it to operate quietly, prevent wear and tear and save on energy consumption – saving you money in the long run. It’s so well built that it's approved by VDE for a 20 year lifespan.

    LG ThinQ™

    Control your fridge from your smartphone with LG ThinQ™ technology. You can adjust temperature settings or freeze items when you're on the go, in a meeting or just don't want to leave the sofa.


    • Brand: LG
    • Product code: GSJV91BSAE
    • Total Capacity: 635L
    • Refrigerator Capacity: 416 L
    • Freezer Capacity: 219 L
    • Width x Height x Depth (mm): 913 x 1790 x 735
    • Main Technology: LINEARCooling™ - Seals in Farm Freshness Longer
    • Additional Benefit: DoorCooling+™ - Delivers Freshness Evenly & Faster
    • No plumbing required
    • Dispenser - Water Dispenser
    • Dispenser - Crushed Ice Function
    • Dispenser - Ice Dispenser (Cube Ice)
    • Dispenser - UVnano™
    • Wifi: Yes
    • Body Colour: Stainless Steel
    • Weight (Kg): 131
    • Energy Efficiency Class E
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