LG NatureFRESH™ GSBV70DSTF American Fridge Freezer

  • With a sleek minimal design the LG GSBV70DSTF will be the centrepiece of your kitchen. The striking new design brings style and practical solutions building on LG's award-winning technologies. For greater practicality the interior has been redesigned to give greater storage than previous LG models. You won’t have to worry about your food spoiling as LG’s NatureFRESH™ technology helps keep food fresh for longer. LG’s DoorCooling+™ ensures that cold air spreads more evenly as Linear Cooling™ technology reduces temperature fluctuation.

    NatureFRESH™ with DoorCooling+™

    Did you know that the temperature inside your refrigerator varies by areas? LG DoorCooling⁺™ makes inside temperature more even and cools quicker than a conventional system, promoting longer lasting freshness in your produce and more practical storage.

    NatureFRESH™ with Linear Cooling™

    Linear Cooling™ is LG’s unique temperature control system which limits temperature fluctuation within ±0.5℃, maintaining initial freshness longer than a conventional cooling system. Enjoy your food for longer and waste less food with LG Linear Cooling™.

    Large Capacity

    Storage that is designed with you in mind, the large capacity can hold approximately 36 bags of shopping. Plenty of room for daily essentials as well as last-minute extras and luxuries. No more squeezing things in or tricky balancing acts.

    Smart Inverter Compressor

    The LG Smart Inverter Compressor™ checks actual demand and supplies the optimum amount of cooling, by controlling its motor speed. So, it provides better energy efficiency, durability and low noise with 10 year parts warranty on the compressor.

    Sleek and premium design

    LG's refrigerators are the epitome of refinement in both function and style. They have a minimalist design that maximises elegance and convenience. Enjoy practicality and luxury in your own kitchen.


    • Brand: LG
    • Product code: GSBV70DSTF
    • Total Capacity: 655L
    • Refrigerator Capacity: 416 L
    • Freezer Capacity: 239 L
    • Width x Height x Depth (mm): 913 x 1790 x 735
    • Wifi: Yes
    • Body Colour: Dark Graphite
    • Weight (Kg): 107
    • Energy Efficiency Class F
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