LG Steam™ F4V310WSE 10kg Washing Machine

  • The LG F4V310WSE Washing Machine uses AI DD to automatically sense the weight and softness of your laundry, and optimise a washing cycle that best suits your clothes. Plus, with a larger drum in the same body, you can add more clothes than ever. 

    • Automatically optimise your wash cycle settings with LG’s AI DD™, 3rd Gen Beltless Direct Drive™
    • Target 99.9% of allergens, leaving you with fresher, more hygienic clothing
    • Load more laundry than ever with greater capacity in the same usual size
    • Ensure a cleaner wash cycle with LG'S more hygienic lifter inside the drum.
    • Add more items to your wash cycle, even after it’s started


    • Colour: Graphite
    • AI DD™
    • Steam™
    • Big capacity in the same size
    • Stainless lifter
    • Pause & Add item

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