LG V6 FWV686WTE TurboWash™ 8kg / 6kg Washer Dryer

  • Laundry duty just got a lot easier – the LG FWV686WTE Washer Dryer is packed with premium features, such as TurboWash™, which can blitz through a 5kg washing cycle faster than competing machines. The dryer function allows the FWV686WTE to complete a 4kg wash and dry load in 180 min, with no need for interference. LG’s AI DD™ technology, 3rd Gen Beltless Direct Drive™ automatically detects the type of clothes within your laundry and calculates the optimal drum movement. LG ThinQ™ also lets you control your washing machine on your smartphone. 


    Enjoy more time away from your laundry with LG's TurboWash™. Performance boosting jet sprays dispense water directly onto clothes, cutting the wash time to just 59 minutes.

    AI DD™

    Prevent fabric damage with AI DD™, LG’s 3rd gen beltless Direct Drive. Using the brilliance of artificial intelligence to analyse load weight & softness to automatically adjust movement during a wash.

    Wash & Dry in 180 mins

    Save space, save time with the LG Washer dryer. Its Wash + Dry course operates without stopping the machine. And with TurboWash™ technology you can complete a 4KG full cycle in just 160 minutes.

    Stainless Steel lifters

    Lifters in the drum prevent clothes from tangling together inside the drum during washing cycles. A lifter made of stainless steel is more durable and more hygienic than plastic materials.

    LG ThinQ™

    LG ThinQ™ with Wi-Fi operates washing machines from anywhere, downloads specific cycles and tracks energy used. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.


    • Brand: LG
    • Product code: FWV686WTE
    • Capacity: 8/6kg
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 565 x 850
    • Main Technology: AI DD™
    • Additional Benefit: TurboWash™
    • Wifi (Wifi Control): Yes
    • Body Colour: White
    • Door Type: Tempered Glass
    • Door Rim Colour: Silver
    • Weight (Kg): 73
    • Drum Volume (litres): 68
    • Maximum Spin speed: 1400
    • Cycle No.: 14
    • Water Consumption per cycle (Wash only): 48 l
    • Water Consumption per cycle (Wash+dry combined): 90 l
    • Energy Consumption per 100 cycle (Wash only): 55 kWh
    • Energy Consumption per 100 cycle (Washing+dry combined): 359 kWh
    • Energy Efficiency Class A
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