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Liebherr CNbdd 5733 Plus NoFrost Fridge Freezer with EasyFresh

  • Plus Black Steel No Frost Fridge Freezer with Ice Maker

    Easy Fresh

    Keep food effortlessly evergreen

    There are 2 EasyFresh drawers that store your groceries in the ideal conditions, so they last longer. They have a slider that lets you change the humidity inside, whether it’s ripe fruit or veggies. Now, you can spend less time in the supermarket, cut down on waste, and still have deliciously chilled food. 

    Easy Twist Ice

    Ice in a jiffy with EasyTwist Ice. Make a supply of ice cubes quickly – without a fixed water connection.  Simply fill the tank with water, let it freeze and then release the ice cubes with a twist. The EasyTwist Ice is simple to clean, and is installed in most of our freestanding appliances in the Pure series. Alternatively, it can be added easily as an accessory.

    No Frost

    No more defrosting.

    The automatic defrosting function guarantees that frozen foods remain fresh. There is no longer a need to store frozen food temporarily during manual defrosting. The constant optimal freezing remains the same without interruptions.


    No drying out.

    Our basic technology is in all fridge-freezers. The two completely separate refrigeration circuits ensure that there is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartments. Groceries do not dry out nor spread odour.

    Plus Design

    The Plus series builds on Liebherr's Pure series and has many impressive additional details. Above all, Plus means a plus in comfort. The appliances not only provide first-class refrigeration and freezing, they are also just that little bit smarter. They help make operation a little easier.


    • Product code / SKU: CNbdd 5733 Plus NoFrost
    • Model type: Combined fridge-freezers with EasyFresh and NoFrost
    • Product dimensions (height/width/depth): 201.5 / 59.7 / 67.5 cm
    • Total volume: 371 l
    • Weight (without packaging): 76.3 kg
    • Energy efficiency class: D
    • Cooling technology: NoFrost
    • Connectivity solution: Retrofittable

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