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Liebherr ICBNdi 5183 Peak BioFresh NoFrost Integrable Fridge Freezer

  • If you’re on the hunt for a new fridge freezer, look no further than this one from Liebherr. The fridge can hold 9 bags of shopping at once, and the freezer 3. It also comes with some special tech that’ll stop ice building up inside - no more defrosting by hand. What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work? With the handy water dispenser, you’ll be able to quench your thirst with an icy cold drink straightway. And because the doors let you choose which way they open, it’ll look great wherever you put it.


    • iF Award Winner 2021
    • Aperture dimensions (h/w/d): 177.2 - 178.8 / 56 - 57 / 55.0 cm
    • Total volume: 246 l
    • Type of installation: Can be integrated
    • Door assembly: Fixed door
    • Energy efficiency class D
    • Freshness technology: BioFreshProfessional
    • Cooling technology: NoFrost
    • Ambient lighting
    • Touch & Swipe display
    • IceCubeTimer
    • Space for baking tray
    • SmartSteel in the interior
    • IceMaker with fixed water connection
    • LED IceMaker lighting 
    • SoftSystem
    • SoftTelescopic
    • PowerCooling system
    • LED freezer compartment lighting
    • LED BiFresh lighting
    • InfinitySpring water filter
    • Separate temperature control
    • Language settings
    • Reminder
    • CleaningMode
    • EnergySaver
    • PartyMode
    • SuperFrost
    • Display lock
    • NightMode
    • Power failure alarm
    • HolidayMode
    • SuperCool
    • BottleTimer
    • Door alarm
    • SabbathMode
    • Temperature alarm
    • Butter dish
    • FreshAir activated charcoal filter
    • Egg Tray 2in1
    • Cold storage accumulator
    • Freezer tray
    • FlexSystem
    • Replaceable door seal

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