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Liebherr ICNf 5103 Pure NoFrost Fridge Freezer

  • Trying to cut back on food packaging? This Liebherr fridge freezer can help you reduce your waste. The EasyFresh compartments will keep your fruit and veg crisp and sweet, even when they’re not wrapped up. So you can buy loose tomatoes and kiwis, and they won’t go squishy as quickly, which means less produce in the bin as well. You’ll get 13 bags of groceries in there, and since it’s completely frost-free, you won’t need to rescue it from the clutches of growing ice chunks. And the door can be set up to open on either side of the fridge, so it’ll fit in well no matter how your kitchen is laid out.


    • Aperture dimensions (h/w/d): 177.2 - 178.8 / 56 - 57 / 55.0 cm
    • Total volume: 253 l
    • Type of installation: Can be integrated
    • Door assembly: Fixed door
    • Energy efficiency class F
    • Cooling technology: NoFrost
    • PowerCooling System
    • LED ceiling lighting
    • Separate temperature control
    • EasyFresh safe on rails
    • CleaningMode
    • EnergySaver
    • PartyMode
    • SuperFrost
    • Display lock
    • Door alarm
    • Power failure alarm
    • HolidayMode
    • SuperCool
    • BottleTimer
    • SabbathMode
    • Temperature alarm
    • FreshAir activated charcoal filter
    • Egg Tray
    • Replaceable door seal

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