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Liebherr SIFNe 5188 Peak NoFrost Integrated Freezer

  • Fully Integrated Peak IceTower with plumber Icemaker


    No more defrosting.

    The automatic defrosting function guarantees that frozen foods remain fresh. There is no longer a need to store frozen food temporarily during manual defrosting. The constant optimal freezing remains the same without interruptions.


    Swiftly change settings with a swipe

    The Touch & Swipe display lets you choose your settings with ease. All you have to do is tap and swipe to select different functions or change the temperature. Forget fiddling with buttons – now being in control of your fridge is really simple.


    You will never run out of cold drinks at your party. The IceTower, which holds 5.7 kg of ice cubes, makes sure of that. The ice cube scoop and the pull-out tray on telescopic rails allow easy access to the ice cubes. An extra insert tray means you can also store less ice and make room for frozen food underneath. The adjacent drawer provides storage space for frozen goods.


    • Product code / SKU: SIFNe 5188 Peak NoFrost
    • Model type: Freezer for integrated use with NoFrost
    • Aperture dimensions (height/width/depth): 177.2 - 178.8 / 56 - 57 / 55.0 cm
    • Total volume: 213 l
    • Weight (without packaging): 60 kg
    • Type of installation: Designed for integrated use
    • Door assembly: Fixed door
    • Energy efficiency class: E
    • Cooling technology: NoFrost
    • Connectivity solution: Retrofittable

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