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MeacoFan 1056P Pedestal Air Circulator

  • Based on the multi award-winning low energy and low noise MeacoFan 1056 the 1056P takes this much-loved air circulator and puts it on a pedestal. The air circulator is different to a normal fan because the air movement through horizontal and vertical planes means that all of the air in the room is moved giving you a comfortable cooling breeze rather than a harsh flow of air right at you.
    The pedestal has a variable height adjustment for optimum air flow distribution and ECO mode controls the fan speed for you automatically adjusting the strength of the flow as the room temperature changes.
    The magnetic circular remote control allows you to decide whether you want a night light or not in your bedroom and the off timer ensures that you do not wake up feeling too cold.
    The pedestal version is new for 2020 and was introduced after many requests from fans of the original MeacoFan 1056.


    • Based on the award winning MeacoFan 1056
    • Moves all of the air within the room quietly
    • Very, very quiet so perfect for bedrooms
    • Low energy DC fan motor from 9 watts.
    • Fan head can move left/right & up/down
    • Night mode light can be on or off as required
    • ECO function to auto control the fan speed
    • Magnetic remote control 
    • Faux ‘leather’ handle suitable for vegans

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