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BuzziSpace BuzziNest Fully Enclosed Acoustic Booth

  • BuzziNest Booth and Pod are great alternatives to expensive infrastructure and all you need to erase disruptive noise from any workplace. The compact acoustic privacy Booth for 1 offers a private space to work and take calls, while BuzziNest Pod allows up to 4 people to hold face-to-face meetings and collaborations in any open space without disturbing others, and most importantly, being disturbed. 

    Because of its luxe upholstered exterior and fabric panels on the interior, BuzziNest effectively dampens sound from every direction to create maximum peace and quiet for everyone in the office, whether you are working inside BuzziNest or out. Say goodbye to excessive reverberation and noise!

    Have it your way by selecting your framework (white, black or truffle grey) and choosing from over 90 high-quality colorful fabrics and decorative prints to dress BuzziNest’s interior and exterior to match your decor needs. For the Booth, opt for a right-handed or left-handed opening for optimal use in your space. You can also elevate your BuzziNest with additional furniture add-ons. Choose from a wide range of shelf and table finishes, seating options, and table heights.

    BuzziNest is easy-to-install, with only 2 people needed. And due to its compact size, can easily fit into an existing space. Built-in castors can be suspended from the base to help move the acoustic booth to a new spot, which can then be secured by putting it back on its feet.

    BuzziNest is equipped with a top-of-the-line fresh air ventilation system, which takes air from the top and pushes air inside, down, and out through the bottom. Once you step inside, the fans engage at full capacity. As well, a motion sensor LED ceiling light turns on when BuzziNest is in use and off when it’s not occupied.

    Long meetings are possible thanks to the main power outlet (230V) and two USB chargers (A+C), so you can keep your laptop, smartphone, and other devices charged at all times.

    Due to its acoustic upholstered outside and fabric panels on the inside, BuzziNest works well to absorb and attenuate Mid, Low, and High frequencies and can reduce a conversation to an indistinguishable whisper. To aid in its acoustic performance BuzziNest’s glass doors and windows have an acoustic coating on them, while the inside frame is supported with an acoustic film, felt, and foam. Additionally, vent ducts and shafts are designed for minimal sound leaking.

  • BuzziNest Booth

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • Structure: Laminated poplar plywood with visible trim
    • Cover: 
      • Inside: Felt, Felt Printed or 3D pattern in Fabric or Trevira CS+
      • Outside: Fabric covered foam with Fabric or Trevira CS+
    • Flat Packed
    • Installation time: 1 to 1,5 hours, including unboxing
    • Optional:
      • Shelf with electrification 
      • Milk Bar


    BuzziNest Pod

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • Structure: Laminated poplar plywood with visible trim
    • Cover:          
      • Inside: Felt, Felt Printed or 3D pattern in Fabric or Trevira CS|CS+
      • Outside: Fabric covered foam with Fabric or Trevira CS|CS+ or White laminated shell
    • Flat Packed
    • Installation time: 2 hours, including unboxing
    • Optional:    
      • Table Low | High with electrification
      • BuzziNest Cube
      • BuzziMilk Stool
      • BuzziMilk Bar

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