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BuzziSpace BuzziRing Wall Mounted Acoustic Enclosure

  • Get to know this powerful acoustic work cocoon spot and stop avoiding noisy environments in your next meeting. This wall-mounted upholstered-foam body absorbs sound both on the inside and the outside, being a must-have in any open-plan office or lounge when you want to have a space to focus.

    BuzziRing is acoustically well-balanced on the inside, being an ideal space for focused work, catching up on emails, video conferences or phone calls away from distractions. Not only is BuzziRing an acoustic cocoon within the inner circle, but it also absorbs the sound waves from crowded surroundings and prevents them from bouncing back into the room, thanks to the space between the wall and BuzziRing.

    The oval shape has been designed with functionality in mind. No matter how tall you are, you will always be able to stick your head in. Seated or standing, BuzziRing works both ways. Want to organize an informal 1-to-1 meeting without being disturbed? Ensure social distance by ordering the optional transparent screen. 

    BuzziRing comes with a built-in table in Antwerp Oak, white laminate or melamine, and a functional light with two USB ports for charging. The wide range of fabrics and colors, makes customization easy, matching it with any decor.

    Designed with style and function in mind this organically shaped sheltered cocoon provides that extra bit of privacy whether you need a space for focus work, phone calls or simply a quick catch-up. BuzziRing dampens background noise and provides improved speech privacy. In addition to its sound-blocking properties, BuzziRing is cladded both internally and externally with high-density foam to provide more sound absorption across the full speech frequency range. With the combination of sound-blocking and sound absorption, BuzziRing is an ideal solution that effectively balances both the speech privacy and acoustic comfort of users.

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • BuzziRing
    • Wall mounted
    • Structure: LSB and pinewood
    • Worktop: Antwerp Oak, White Laminate with birch multiplex core or Melamine with fibre board core
    • Wall connection: powder coated metal in black (RAL 9005)
    • LED light in black aluminium with two USB chargers
    • Cover: upholstered acoustic foam
    • Fabrics: Fabric, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Remix 3, Clara 2, Hero, Tonus 4 or Memory 2
    • Dry Use
    • Assembled
    • Plexi Screen

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