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Miele DAS 4940 GLASS Telescopic Cooker Hood

    • Slimline wide retractable cooker hood
    • Unique user convenience – Con@ctivity links directly to Miele hob
    • Automatic fan run-on can be set to 5 or 15 minute period
    • Energy-efficient and quiet - powerful ECO motor with A++ rating
    • Powerful - 625 m3/h on the booster setting
    • LED strip for uniform lighting at 285lx 3500 Kelvin
    • Disposable filters with active charcoal
    • Replacement indicator lets you know when to replace the filters 
    • Stainless steel grease filter (10 layer) - easy clean in the dishwasher
    • Single ply safety glass
    • 90cm wide
    • 200-625 m3/hr Extraction + Recirculation
    • 'A++' energy rated
    • 'B' grease filter rating
    • Glass panel for low cabinets
    • Touch control
    • LED stripe
    • DC Motor
    • Con@ctivity 3.0
    • Miele@home connectivity
    • SKU: 11878240

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