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MOFFETT eSeries NX Truck Mounted Forklift

  • Discover the next generation MOFFETT eSeries NX – an entirely new range of all-electric truck mounted forklifts. These strong, low noise and emission-free machines are equipped with the latest technology battery and all-wheel drive to make your deliveries even quicker and smoother. Ideal for moving goods from outside to inside, distribution at night and work in Low Emission Zones, they will help you deliver more in less time and gain more.

    The IFOY Award, also known as the “Oscars of intralogistics” has been presented to the MOFFETT E4-25.3NX truck mounted forklift , in the category Special Vehicle. According to the jury, the MOFFETT E4-25.3NX offers an excellent alternative to diesel-powered truck mounted forklifts from an ecological as well as an economic point of view. MOFFETT look forward to launching more new electric models in the MOFFETT eSeries developed to the same high standard and to their customers needs.

    • The MOFFETT eSeries NX is equipped with the latest Lithium-ion battery technology so it does not generate or release any emissions.
    • Since the MOFFETT eSeries NX runs on a battery it is extremely quiet, making it ideal for urban and night-time deliveries.
    • The MOFFETT eSeries NX can be charged from a conventional wall socket, and also via an on-board charger when the delivery truck is traveling between jobs, giving you maximum flexibility.
    • The MOFFETT eSeries NX offers a reduced Total Cost of Ownership and a better return on investment compared to its diesel equivalents.
    • To give you ultimate traction in all areas, the MOFFETT eSeries NX is equipped with permanent magnet high torque wheel motors.
    • Thanks to Hiab HiConnect, the forklift’s location and vital parameters can be monitored online at all times.


  • MODEL E2 15.1 E4 20.1NX E4 20.3NX
    Lift Capacity 1500kgs @ 600mm 2000 kgs @ 600mm 2000kgs @ 600mm
    Battery Type Lithium-Ion Phosphate                    Manganese Laminate Li-on (LMNC) Manganese Laminate Li-on (LMNC)
    Lift Height* 2200mm 2200mm 3000mm
    Std Tyres 18" Front / 23" Rear 18" Front / 23" Rear 23"
    Overhang* 1160mm 1205mm 1205mm
    Ground Clearance* 190mm 200mm 210mm


    MODEL E4 20.4NX E4 25.3NX E4 25.4NX
    Lift Capacity 2000kgs @ 600mm 2500 kgs @ 600mm 2500kgs @ 600mm
    Battery Type Manganese Laminate Li-on (LMNC) Manganese Laminate Li-on (LMNC) Manganese Laminate Li-on (LMNC)
    Lift Height* 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
    Std Tyres 23"  27" 27"
    Overhang* 1205mm 1255mm 1255mm
    Ground Clearance* 210mm 260mm 260mm

    The above specifications can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.

    * The values vary depending on machine specification.

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