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Moodsonic Soundscaping Software

  • Moodsonic's soundscaping system uses intelligent audio to improve wellbeing and productivity indoors, including in workplaces and healthcare and education spaces. 

    The sound of our buildings is intrinsically linked to our quality of life. Better sound can counter some of the biggest challenges faced in today’s buildings... physical and mental health, focus and privacy, collaboration and creative thinking, and many more. 

    Moodsonic uses diverse and dynamic soundscapes, rooted in science, to improve occupant experiences in the built environment. The soundscapes are generated in real-time using algorithms and can subtly respond to changing environmental conditions. Plus, Moodsonic allows for choice, with its library of content themes designed for a range of different people and spaces. 


    • Zonal - Moodsonic’s soundscapes are multichannel and zonable to support activity-based working and give a range of stimulation levels – particularly important for neurodiverse employees.  
    • User-controllable - Moodsonic’s user interface allows employees to choose biophilic soundscapes based on their immediate needs. User control tends to work best in smaller, distinct spaces such as meeting rooms.
    • Sensor-driven - Our soundscapes can react in real time to external data, such as microphones or occupancy sensors. This can influence the precise characteristics or content of the soundscapes to create a flexible audio environment.
    • Personalised - Connect your building to its surroundings through regional soundscapes inspired by local nature, culture, music, and other concepts that are special to the building and its employees.
    • Algorithmic - Nature doesn’t loop, and neither should your soundscapes. Moodsonic’s biophilic soundscapes are generated using generative sound algorithms that mimic the organic-ness of the natural world.
    • Circadian - Moodsonic’s biophilic soundscapes are designed around our body’s circadian rhythms. Moodsonic’s sound can cue these rhythms to help feel us more awake in the daytime and sleep better at night – or, conversely, to help nighttime workers adapt better to shift work.


    Please note:

    * Evaluation for Quiet Mark certification was based on the ‘Babbling Brook’ soundscape.
    * Installations are based on a standard configuration of speaker and distribution grid to ensure consistent performance.
    * We strongly recommend that you obtain relevant professional advice from Moodsonic, regarding what type of speakers and installation solution may be best for your specific situation. They can be contacted at

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