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Novy Essence Canopy Cooker Hood

  • This 60cm or 90cm stainless steel built-in canopy hood is ideal for use with a decorative chimney or canopy. It has push button controls with four speeds and 2 x halogen lights. With a maximum free flow rate of 581m³/h it is available in extraction or recirculation modes. It comes with a cleaning indicator for the grease filter and, if used in recirculation mode, it also has an indicator when the carbon filters need replacing. 

    • Installation type: Built-in canopy
    • Colour: Stainless Steel
    • Dimensions: 60cm / 90cm
    • Product codes: 828 / 829
    • Push button control
    • 4 speeds
    • 2 x halogen lights
    • Max free flow rate 581m³/h
    • Cleaning indicator for grease filter
    • Extraction or recirculation options
    • C energy rating

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