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Novy Panorama Power Vented Downdraft Induction Hob + Hood

  • The Novy PANORAMA Power is an 88cm three or four-zone induction hob with a downdraft extractor integrated within the hob itself. When not in use the ventilation tower is completely concealed and when activated it elevates to reveal an opaque glass extractor. Rising to any height level up to 30cm, the PANORAMA Power efficiently extracts cooking vapours at source – directly behind the pans. With red touch controls and 9 power levels, the two rectangular plus circular zones are laid out in a panoramic configuration, thus providing the cook with flexible freedom of movement. By laterally positioning them side-by-side directly in front of the extractor ensures that aerodynamic flow is continually optimised, resulting in a positive effect on Panorama’s noise levels. This intuitive hob has a wealth of features including 1 Flexzone with bridge function for larger pans, timers on each zone, count up timer, plus a safety lock.


    • Installation type: Induction hob with integrated extractor
    • Dimensions: 88cm
    • Product codes: 1831 / 1841
    • Nine power levels, plus Power (hob)
    • 3 x independent timers from 0 – 99 minutes (hob)
    • 1 x Flexzones with bridge function (hob)
    • Safety lock (hob)
    • Count up timer (hob)
    • 5 speeds + 3 intensive speeds (extractor)
    • Pre-set extraction function (extractor) 
    • Extraction tower heights 10cm, 20cm, 30cm (extractor) 
    • Shutoff delay -10-30 minutes (extractor)

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