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Novy Up Comfort 4 Zones Hob + Hood

  • For those that want reliable and flexible cooking, this configuration features two domino hobs with circular zones on either side of the central ventilation tower. Each side features a large and smaller zone and extraction can be controlled and adjusted using touch controls on each hob on either side of the central ventilation tower.  

    Each UP model in the range features a unique design – it can extract cooking vapours at surface level and it incorporates a directional tilting valve to purely extract from one side; perfect for use with a shallow frying pan, for example. However, as it is also a downdraft extractor, which rises from the surface to a height of 10cm to withdraw cooking vapours in one or both directions from taller pans that are boiling or simmering on the hob(s). It then just needs to be popped down to be concealed back within the surface again. The ventilation tower’s speeds are adjusted using touch controls on the hob’s surface. 


    • Product Code: 40 002
    • 9 Power levels plus Power (hob)
    • 2 x 175mm diameter zones
    • 2 x 210mm diameter zones
    • Safety lock (hob)
    • Timer on each zone (hob)
    • Independent cooking timer (hob)
    • 3 speeds + Power (extractor)
    • Manual tower operation (extractor)
    • Venting valve for directional aspiration (extractor)

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