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Philips 8000 Series Air Purifier AMF870/35

  • Our smartest, most powerful all-in-one Air Purifier. Cleans, cools and heats. Air Performer cleans the air thoroughly, heats the room and cools you when needed. It removes 99.97% of all unseen particles and automatically adapts its powerful performance to your needs. Pure and cosy air all year round, adapted to you.

    • Thoroughly purifies rooms up to 70 m2
    • Eliminates 99.97% of all unseen particles from the air
    • Proven virus removal, tested with H1N1 and HCov-E229 viruses
    • Cools you down with powerful clean airflow
    • Warms the whole room in no time with ceramic technology
    • Automatically senses and adapts for best results
    • Real-time air quality feedback with smart AeraSense sensors
    • Sleep mode with ultra-quiet operation
    • Energy-efficient design
    • The Philips Air+ app: your smart, clean air solution
    • Fully adjustable airflow for cooling, heating or circulation
    • Thoroughly tested for durability and quality

Sound Made Simple

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