Find Your Quiet with LG Kitchen Appliances worth £4,000

in partnership with A Quiet Place Day One

Rolltek Low Noise Rollcage Component Kit

  • Uniquely designed components that can be retrofitted to existing rollcages, and new equipment, to significantly reduce noise output and weight (Lowering fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions)  The benefits of this extend to enabling our customer to facilitate deliveries and collections within urban and inner city areas during unsociable hours, thus benefiting from better organisation and extension of delivery windows.  Along with reducing transmitted noise and supporting ‘Good Neighbourhood’ policies, the product enjoys improved aesthetics, a reduction in accident claims and reduction in failing parts. 


    • All components are fully recyclable
    • All components are designed to withstand conditions +60⁰C to -30⁰C
    • KIT: 2xSwivel Castors, 2xFixed Castors, 1xMagnetic Load Platform, 1xHinged Shelf
    • Swivel castors, high impact wheel, ultra-low noise, shock absorbing rubber
    • Fixed castors, composite wheel, high-impact polymer and shock absorbing rubber
    • Magnetic load platform, manufactured from HDPE plastic material
    • Hinged shelf, manufactured from HDPE plastic material

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