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Russell Hobbs RHPDF1221 12” Desk Fan - White

  • This 12” desk fan is lightweight yet powerful; the perfect addition to your desk or side table during the summer months. The compact design is ideal for moving wherever you need it most. There’s also a 1.5m power cord for added convenience. 
    Equipped with 3 fan speeds, you can choose between low, medium or high power to ensure you stay comfortably cool. Ideal for cooling in multiple directions, this fan also features wide-angled oscillation to ensure full coverage and even distribution.  
    The straightforward front-centre controls ensure you can switch modes quickly and easily. Safe and simple to set up, this fan is designed with ease of use in mind.  

    • 3 Spped Settings                         
    • 90° Oscillation
    • Dimensions: (H)48 x (W)35 x (D)23 CMs                                          
    • Weight 1.79 Kg

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