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  • Acoustic twin cabinet fan manufactured from galvanised steel sheet and internally lined with 25 mm thickness of fireproof acoustic insulation (M0).
    Indoor or external installation as standard, with horizontal or vertical mounting.
    Our hallmark in-line fan assembly guarantees optimal performance, incorporating two S&P trademarked ECOWATT backward curved centrifugal fans, brushless EC motors with thermal overload protection.
    Complying with the efficiency requirements of the ErP Directive.
    Meets latest legislation and Building Regulations, as well as ISO quality standards.
    Cutting-edge technology extends fan life and reduces power usage in line with Building Regulations Part L.
    Silent elastic block between the motor and the holder to reduce the motor’s vibrations.
    Integral control unit providing automated run and standby by tacho/low current sensing, duty-sharing adjustable from 3 to 24 hours, (in 3-hour steps) and BMS output/remote fault indication.
    Remote On/Off via volt-free contact and/or 230V signal.Variable Speed Control, manually via an optional secondary S&P REB ECOWATT or REB-CVF controller, or automated via a 0-10V signal from an external source.

  • Incorporating a pitched lid, suitable for external siting.

    20mm “Mezz” Duct Flange for easy connections to ductwork.

    Integral over-run timer.

    Digital Display of running, stopped and/or fault condition.

    Provision to operate a system damper actuator (optional accessory).

    Electrical supply: Single phase 230V-50Hz.

    Working temperature from -20ºC to +40ºC.

    Range of electrical and mechanical accessories available.

    Installer-defined Fixed Speed Control either continuous or on-demand.

    Installer-defined one, two or three speeds provides minimum/middle/maximum speed ventilation.

    1000 ECOWATT: 

    • Maximum Volumetric Airflow (m3/s) - 0.29
    • Maximum Absorbed Power (W) - 109
    • Maximum Absorbed Current (A) - 0.8
    • Dimensions (W x H x L mm) 885 x 426 x 656
    • Flange (depth mm) 20
    • Weight (Kg) 35

    1300 ECOWATT:

    • Maximum Volumetric Airflow (m3/s) - 0.29
    • Maximum Absorbed Power (W) - 135
    • Maximum Absorbed Current (A) - 194
    • Dimensions (W x H x L mm) 885 x 440 x 705
    • Flange (depth mm) 20
    • Weight (Kg) 40

    1600 ECOWATT:

    • Maximum Volumetric Airflow (m3/s) - 0.43
    • Maximum Absorbed Power (W) - 194
    • Maximum Absorbed Current (A) - 1.3
    • Dimensions (W x H x L mm) 937 x 475 x 766
    • Flange (depth mm)
    • Weight (Kg) 45

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