Find Your Quiet with LG's Quiet Mark Certified Kitchen Appliances worth £4,000

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S&P Silent Dual Extractor Fans

  • Autonomous and intelligent extractor fan for the bathroom.

    It automatically adjusts its performance to the ambient conditions and ventilation requirements via a presence detection sensor and a humidity sensor.

    Incorporates an intelligent control algorithm to automatically adjust the settings according to the ambient conditions, without the need for user interaction.

    Learns from its environment (ambient conditions) and operates accordingly.

    AC motor commissioned to achieve the required flow rate, minimizing consumption and noise levels to meet the exact ventilation requirement.


    • Direct two-wire connection (L, N).
    • Supply: 220-240V 50Hz
    • Working temperatures: -5ºC / +40ºC
    • IP45 - Class II
    • Thermal protection
    • Removable backdraft shutter
    • Quiet Mark certified model numbers: 100, 200, 300

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