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S&P TD EVO PF ECOWATT Extractor Fans

  • The TD EVO PF ECOWATT is an in-line mixed-flow planet friendly fan, manufactured with 85% recycled plastic.

    Low profile, and suitable for circular ducts, the TD EVO features a specialist support bracket which allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting.

    The optimised design of the impeller, guide vane and outlet diffuser help to increase performance keep the sound level low, while the silent-block between the motor and the guide vane ensure that sound from vibrations is kept to a minimum.

    Double injection sealing between the main body and the support bracket helps to avoid air leaks, and there are rubber gaskets on the flanges to improve airtightness with the ducts.

    The impeller and silent-block are kept in reinforced virgin plastics to ensure performance. The range comprises seven diameters and covers a flow range from 190 to 1780 m3/h.


    • Planet friendly design, manufactured with 85% recycled plastic
    • Brushless EC motor - 230V±10% 50/60Hz, Class B, IP44.
    • Speed adjustable 100% via internal potentiometer external control 
    • Analogue input remote control with 0-10V external signal
    • Ball bearings and thermal protection with manual reset
    • Working temperature: -20/40ºC
    • Quiet Mark certfied model numbers:
      • TD EVO-100 PF ECOWATT
      • TD EVO-125 PF ECOWATT
      • TD EVO-150 PF ECOWATT
      • TD EVO-160 PF ECOWATT
      • TD EVO-200 PF ECOWATT
      • TD EVO-250 PF ECOWATT
      • TD EVO-315 PF ECOWATT

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