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Salamander Pumps Right Pumps

  • Right pumps form Salamander's premium product range, offering the most powerful performance. Utilising centrifugal force, they are quieter and more flow efficient than regenerative pumps. The universal versions also have added technology that protects the pump from the most common issues.

    These pumps will boost hot and/or cold water supplies to thermostatic or manual mixer shower valves, supplying a wide range of shower types and shower heads, individual taps, cisterns and other bathroom and whole house applications. Options are available for boosting champagne spray, massage function and multiple body sprays too.

    Suitable for use in a gravity fed system, positive head and universal (negative head) models are both available.


    • Extremely quiet - quietest pumps in the range
    • Continuously rated
    • Provides maintained pressure at increased flow rates
    • AV couplers included
    • Smooth running
    • Most powerful pumps in the range
    • Patented technology


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