Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

  • The Melitta® Barista TS Smart® can really do a lot. For example, it can make 21 different coffee specialities. With the right coffee beans, according to the original recipe or your own personal creation.

    A special highlight: With the Melitta® Connect app you are able to steer the preparation of coffee and manage many other features really simply with your smart phone.

    • Melitta® Connect - many of the features on your Barista TS Smart coffee machine can be managed with your smart phone
    • 21 coffee specialities
    • Automatic Bean Select - selects automatically or according to your wishes the correct bean type for your favourite coffee
    • IntenseAroma feature - can be selected for an especially intensive tasting coffee
    • My Coffee Memory - remembers the personal settings for up to eight people
    • Italian Preparation Process - prepared with the correct order of ingredients
    • Best Aroma System PLUS - Aromasafe® and Auto Empty Grinding
    • Quiet as a whisper grinder
    • TFT colour display
    • One Touch - select your drinks with one easy touch
    • Touch & Slide - use by gently touching the sensor panels
    • Double Cup Mode – Make 2 cups simultaneously at the touch of a button
    • All-in-One outlet - separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water. Height adjustable up to 140mm
    • PRO AQUA Filter technology - only needs to be descaled once a year
    • Removable brewing unit
    • Plug-in milk system - attach right or left, dishwasher-safe
    • Easy Steam Cleaning - parts in contact with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam
    • Automatic cleaning and descaling programme
    • Energy Saving Feature



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