Brigade White Sound Medium Duty Reversing Alarm
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The safest alarms in the world due to their instant locatability and directional sound. The multi-frequency alarms are only heard in the danger zone, thus eliminating noise nuisance for local residents. 

  • Suitable for on-road vehicles
  • Instantly Locatable 
  • Directional Sound
  • Only heard in the danger zone
  • 12-24 Volts
  • IP68
  • Size (WxHxD) 105x65x37mm
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multi frequency broadband sound
  • Instantly locatable
  • Sound confined to danger area
  • Eliminates noise nuisance
  • Sounder unit: Speaker
  • Hole centres (mm): 76
  • Current: Max 0.5 Amps
  • Mechanical vibration: 10G
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • CE marked
  • EMC approved: e
  • SAE J994
  • NAS/PIEK approved for night-time delivery (BBS-82 & BBS-77 only)