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Siemens LC67KFN60B iQ300 Wall-Mounted Cooker Hood

    • 60cm, Angled Glass Wall Hood
    • iQdrive motor: The quiet, high-performance motor ensures efficient removal of odours and steam.  Keeps your kitchen quiet and vapour free.            
    • cookConnect: Use your hob to control your extractor hood's power level and lighting.                      
    • touchControl: The power level and the LED light can be selected directly.                                                    
    • LED lighting: The Siemens cooker hoods are equipped with adjustable LED lighting that lets you set the light temperature to just the way you want it. Turn your kitchen into an individual place.                    
    • Intelligent hood automatic: Hob and hood interaction for extra convenience.                                
    • voiceControl: Control hood functions and lighting using your voice.                                                              
    • Home Connect: The app that makes your hood work smarter.
    • 60cm
    • Angled Glass Wall Hood
    • Smart Hood Automatic
    • Touch Control
    • LED Lights
    • Optional CleanAir Plus Recirculation Kit: LZ11KKI16

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