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Siemens TQ707GB3 EQ700 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • International coffee specialities and an integrated, perfect milk solution meet an intuitive full-touch display combined with illuminated brewing area and a cup warmer on top.

    • A brilliant full-touch display combined with a unique operating system – iSelect Display.
    • Explore the huge variety of international coffee specialities with one swipe - Siemens coffeeWorld.
    • Three different aroma profiles to choose from, according to your personal taste - aromaSelect.
    • Home Connect: Access and control your coffee maker, no matter where you are - with the easy-to-use Home Connect App.
    • The perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics thanks to Siemens design.
    • Product Code: TQ707GB3
    • Coffee Machine: Bean to cup
    • Dimensions: 380 x 352 x 467 mm
    • Cup heater: Active (heating element)
    • Number bean container: 1
    • Capacity of fresh bean container: 350g
    • Integrated milk system with container
    • List of milk-beverages that can be obtained with the press of one button without moving the cup:
    • Cappuccino Flat 
    • White Latte 
    • Macchiato white coffee
    • Colour: Stainless steel
    • Limescale removal: Automatic cleaning system
    • Smart product: Yes

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