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S&P SILENT-100 DESIGN Extractor Fans

  • A range of 100mm diameter axial extractor fans with an airflow rate of 85m3/hr suitable for ventilating bathrooms, shower rooms, en suites and wet rooms. The powerful but energy-efficient motor is mounted on special rubber anti-vibration blocks to absorb any unwanted noise at source and drives a low-noise impeller for maximum airflow at minimum sound level.

    • Built-in backdraught shutter as standard
    • Basic, Timer and Humidity controlled options
    • Available in White or Silver finish
    • Stylish convex grille allows easy cleaning
    • LED indicates when product is operating
    • Protected to IP45 for suitability in wet environments
    • Consumes only 8W of electrical power when operating
    • Ball bearing motors for extra-long operating life

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