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Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boiler 2023

  • The new ecoTEC plus is the product of hours of research and development, years of expertise and innovation and a series of fine, precise improvements that have sharpened, intensified and enhanced performance specifically for the UK market. We’ve started with a classic, and taken it to the next level. 

    • New IoniDETECT technology - Intelligent gas combustion monitoring for even greater system efficiency.
    • Smart home ready - Works alongside the myVAILLANT connect internet gateway
    • Refined and enhanced internal layout - With easy access to all major component.
    • Familiar footprint and external layout - Retaining the same case dimensions, boiler footprint.
    • New intuitive semi-touch interface - Allowing for effortless first-time installation and set-up.
    • Automatic LPG conversion on most outputs* - Completed in minutes using the new intuitive interface, with no additional parts required.
    • Sharpened intelligence with LINbus technology - Enables quicker and more intelligent communication between internal components.
    • Hydrogen prepared - Suitable to work safely and efficiently with up to 20% hydrogen mix.


    • ecoTEC plus wall hung combi boiler 26kW
      • ecoTEC plus 826 - 26kW
      • ecoTEC plus 832 - 32kW
      • ecoTEC plus 836 - 36kW
      • ecoTEC plus 840 - 40kW
      • ecoTEC plus 940 storage - 40kW
    • ecoTec plus 826/832/836 - Dimensions (mm) = 720 x 440 x 352 
    • ecoTec plus 840 - Dimensions (mm) = 720 x 440 x 386 
    • ecoTec plus 940 storage - Dimensions (mm) = 720 x 440 x 580 
    • Prepared for use with up to 20% hydrogen blend
    • Semi touch boiler interface

    *ecoTEC plus 840 and ecoTEC plus 940 are not convertible to LPG.

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