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Vent-Axia Silent Fan

  • Vent-Axia’s award-winning Silent Fan operates at an astonishingly low decibel level allowing you to relax in quiet comfort. Now boasting an IP45 rating and including variable speed and humidistat options, as well as up to a 5-year warranty, it has never been simpler to select a quiet fan that is right for you. 

    The Silent Fan’s IP45-rating means the fan can safely be installed in the splash zone making it ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms of all sizes. Improving indoor air quality, the Silent Fan is now also available with a wide range of control options so customers can select the control that is right for them. These include the original basic and timer options with a new addition of a humidistat option to further help in the fight against condensation and mould.

    Available with three variable speed options that are suitable for most households not only does this make the Silent Fan simple to install but it also means households can choose an airflow at the sound level that they would like. Offering ultra-low sound levels, households will be able to relax in comfort, free from noise-related stress.


    • IPX5 - Zone 1 – ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms
    • Available with variable speed options
    • Available with intermittent and continuous running options
    • Available with humidistat option
    • High efficiency motor
    • Up to 5-year warranty
    • Suitable for wall, ceiling, window and panel mounting
    • Back draught shutters included
    • Meets Building Regulations – Approved Document F and L

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