Find Your Quiet with LG's Quiet Mark Certified Kitchen Appliances worth £4,000

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VitrA QuantumFlush

  • VitrA's latest and most powerful cleaning technology, for the first time in this category, is certified for its performance in silence with the Quiet Mark. 

    Crafted around the principle of laminar flow, our cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for optimal water usage. With a focus on perfect cleaning and the efficient utilization of water energy, our system stands as a testament to innovation. 

    Harnessing remarkable power, our solution operates with a whisper-quiet efficiency, providing the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of splashes, as our technology offers a powerful yet splash-free experience, redefining your expectations of what's possible. 

    Moreover, the water within the WC bowl effectively accomplishes more work with the same amount of water, ensuring thorough reaches every point of surface. 

    • VitrA QuantumFlush patented laminar flow based flushing technology. 
    • VitrA Hygiene coating technology inhibits harmful bacteria growth by 99.9%. 
    • VitrA Clean glazing technology repels dirt and dirty water on the surface. 
    • 2x better flushing performance. 
    • 2x less splash. 
    • Dual flush 3/6 lt flush performance. 

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