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What Sound can do for your Designs - Quiet Mark RIBA CPD

Empowering Architects through Acoustic Design

Many architects, specifiers, and designers recognise that there's a knowledge gap when addressing the complexities of acoustic design during building project planning. To bridge this gap, the Quiet Mark RIBA CPD, 'What Sound can do for your Designs' aims to equip and empower these professionals and offers easily accessible information on certified acoustic solutions, each verified for every building application area by third-party technical experts at Quiet Mark.


Best Practice Acoustic Design

Because acoustic design in the built environment can be complex, it's often lower down in planning priorities. Consequently there's a risk that the best, most appropriate materials are not used, effecting long-term health and wellbeing of occupants for generations to come. Through the Quiet Mark RIBA CPD 'What Sound can do for your Designs', best practice acoustic design is upheld and not overlooked in the built environment at the outset of each project, by inspiring the next generation of designers to understand how sound impacts human health.

The Quiet Mark Certification RIBA-Approved CPD Roadshow Seminar dates are available from January to March 2024 for architects and specifiers leading on the best acoustic design for every project.


CPD Course Objectives:

By the end of the Quiet Mark RIBA CPD 'What Sound can do for your Designs', seminar delegates should:

- Understand the importance of sound and the negative impact of noise in many areas of the built environment.
- Understand the need for acoustics in the modern workplace with evidence to many staff / occupants benefits.
- Know the key principles of good acoustic design.
- Know how acoustics can help you meet your clients brief and support sustainability, wellbeing, productivity and inclusivity.
- Understand best practice acoustic design in line with the RIBA Plan of Work.


CPD Course Information

Quiet Mark RIBA CPD seminar dates include power-hours followed by Q&A sessions with our experts on how the right sound design transforms every project. Covering every application and sector, to know the key principles of acoustic design and how acoustics can help meet a client's brief and support sustainability, wellbeing, productivity and inclusivity.

The complexities of acoustics in the build environment lead to design oversights such as improperly insulated spaces, dominance of hard interior surfaces that cause reverberation and the use of loud equipment - all of which contribute to poor acoustic comfort and adverse effects on long-term health and wellbeing. Facilitating responsible sourcing can significantly reduce unwanted noise, improving the lives of those occupying those spaces. 

We can also arrange FREE bespoke CPD seminar sessions for a group of colleagues at your design practice or business. CONTACT US to schedule a power hour.

The Quiet Mark Online Directory

Through rigorous scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies for you the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products, the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est.1959)

The free to use Quiet Mark Certified products online sourcing directory supports specifier searches everyday, including market wide verified acoustic surface or ceiling products, heat pumps & ventilation, acoustic furniture, washroom solutions like hand dryers, workplace solutions, sound masking, acoustic zoning and hundreds more assessed products for the building sector updated monthly. 

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