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  • SUPREMCLICK+SUPREMLAY+ is the next standard of rigid core flooring that consolidates NOX’s two core technologies, NOXGENESIS and MCT, to create unprecedented flooring with flexibility in properties and designs. NOXGENESIS ensures high impact resistance, increased stability, superior profile strength and waterproof function, while being lightweight. MCT provides easy, telegraphing-free installation, eliminating the need for subfloor preparation.

    SUPREMCLICK+SUPREMLAY+ is exclusively formulated with NOX’s SOUNDPROTEC™ and EMT™ Core to achieve noise reduction without losing any softness underfoot. With superior dimensional stability, this product is an excellent choice for not only commercial but also residential spaces as well. SUPREMCLICK+SUPREMLAY+ is compatible up to 27℃ for floor heating purposes. In addition, NOX’s innovative surface coating technology EPT™ Shield is applied to enable a safer, more hygienic environment. EPT™ Shield ensures strong levels of scratch-resistance, stain-resistance, slip-resistance, and mold-resistance.


    • Eliminates telegraphing effects on flooring, without any subfloor preparation prior to installation
      • Can bridge expansion joints up to 0.25” and cover depth up to 1mm
      • Easy and hassle-free installation that requires much less time and cost
    • Above 20% lighter than SPC: Efficient transportation, lighter to carry and install
    • Better impact resistance: Over 2,000 PSI, preventing floor undulation
    • 100% waterproof: Exceptional performance even in wet areas
    • Exclusive noise-absorption formulation with EMT™ Core and SOUNDPROTEC™ (ISO 10140-3)
    • Superior dimensional stability against temperature changes up to 80℃ (For residential floor heating purposes, compatible up to 27℃ subfloor temperature)
    • EPT™ Shield coating: transparent matte coating maximizes precision in design, while providing exceptionally strong scratch-resistance, stain-resistance, mold-resistance, and anti-slip to ensure safety from slip and fall hazards
    • Increased production efficiency, achieved through NOX’s IVP (Integrated Vertical Production) system
    • More eco-friendly: Low VOCs and non-phthalate
    • More diverse designs: All NOX LVT designs (5,000+), authentic embosses and unique “Built-In-Grout” are applicable


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