Acoustic Academy

Vetrospace Groupspace S Acoustic Office Pod

  • S is the smallest member of GROUPSPACE family. It’s perfect for 2 people meetings, videoconferences and phone calls. Eliminates viruses, bacteria and particles Both airborne and surface microbes 99,9%


    • Dimensions: W210 / D110 / H240 cm
    • Internal dimensions: W200 / D100 / H220 cm
    • Glasses: Sound control safety glass
    • Outside: White laminate. Option: ECOfelt lining
    • Inside: Acoustic ECOfelt lining
    • Door: Sliding door. Side can be decided
    • Structure: Modular design, 5 options
    • Ventilation: +40 l/s
    • Lighting: VLD - Clean / LED 4000k antibacterial lighting, motion detector
    • Connections: 4 x fault current protected sockets
    • Options: USB charging + RJ45, radio


Sound Made Simple

Acoustics Academy’s Sound Made Simple guide clarifies complex acoustic terminology with insights to design with sound.