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Acoustic Academy

Vetrospace XL Acoustic Office Pod

  • Enjoy exceptional sound insulation and air quality in our second-largest pod, which offers plenty of space for up to eight and also works as a cozy private space. You can design and furnish it according to your needs from a variety of options. 


    • Dimensions:
      • W310 / D310 / H240 cm
      • W310 / D310 / H240 inches
    • 1 - 8 people
    • Best in class soundproofing
    • Automated, smart CO2-controlled ventilation allowing continuous use
    • Plug and play, ready for use straight after installation
    • ISO 7 class indoor air quality (IAQ) performance
    • Antimicrobial LED lighting 
    • Patented, dual-panel sliding door
    • Easy access for people with mobility limitations
    • Long lifecycle thanks to professional build quality and industrial-grade components


Sound Made Simple

Acoustics Academy’s Sound Made Simple guide clarifies complex acoustic terminology with insights to design with sound.