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Transportation hubs such as train stations, airports and bus terminals, are places of social interaction that need to have sufficient sound insulation of the building envelope like glazing and rainscreen cladding to control the ingress of associated sources of noise like engines and airplane take-offs. It must also be robust in order to withstand often harsh, sometimes semi-outdoor environments as well as allowing announcements to be heard clearly. As these spaces are often large atria with multiple functions (retail, restaurants, information desks), the control of long reverberation times that can distort voice announcements and cause unpleasant sound build up, is key. 

Incorporating robust finishes that provide sound absorption is important to control these unwanted reflections in order to provide an appropriate and pleasant space.

Click here to view the Acoustics Academy  – Glossary of Acoustic Concepts & Parameters

Glossary of Acoustic Terms

The Acoustics Academy Glossary of Acoustics Concepts & Parameters