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Acoustic Academy

Cat A

When a sound is made in a room, it will reflect off the walls, floor and ceiling resulting in the listener hearing many delayed versions of the sound, one on top of the other. This makes the sound heard appear louder and can make it sound less clear, especially with speech. Controlling this build-up of sound is dependent on the building type and use of the space - for Instance, a music venue will require different acoustic treatment than an office building.

Sound is complex. Click here to view our Acoustics Academy - Sound Made Simple guide. 

Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System
BlockO Acoustic Meeting Pod
BlockO Base Acoustic Meeting Pod
BuzziSpace BuzziBack Acoustic Wall Panel
BuzziSpace BuzziBalance Sound Absorbing Seating Pouf
BuzziSpace BuzziBell Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziBlinds Room Divider with Acoustic Blinds
BuzziSpace BuzziBlox Acoustic Panels
BuzziSpace BuzziChandelier Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziCone Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziCube Sound Absorbing 3D Pouf
BuzziSpace BuzziDee Plus Sound Absorbing Soft Seating with Backrest
BuzziSpace BuzziDee Sound Absorbing Pouf
BuzziSpace BuzziDome Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziFalls Suspended Acoustic Room Divider
BuzziSpace BuzziHat Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziJet Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziKey Soft Acoustic Panels
BuzziSpace BuzziLand Acoustic Panels
BuzziSpace BuzziLoose Suspended Acoustic Baffle
BuzziSpace BuzziMood Biophilic Acoustic Panels
BuzziSpace BuzziMoon Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziNest Fully Enclosed Acoustic Booth
BuzziSpace BuzziPlanter Biophilic Office Divider
BuzziSpace BuzziPleat LED Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziPouf Sound Absorbing Seating Pouf
BuzziSpace BuzziProp Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziPuzzle Sound Absorbing Pouf
BuzziSpace BuzziRing Wall Mounted Acoustic Enclosure
BuzziSpace BuzziScreen Acoustic Room Divider
BuzziSpace BuzziShade Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziShade Square Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziShield Hook Acoustic Room Divider
BuzziSpace BuzziSkin Printed Felt Acoustic Wallpaper
BuzziSpace BuzziSpark Soft Lounge Sofa with Acoustic Shelter
BuzziSpace BuzziTab Soft Acoustic Panels
BuzziSpace BuzziTotem Freestanding Upholstered Acoustic Pillar
BuzziSpace BuzziTripl Desk Acoustic Divider
BuzziSpace BuzziTripl Home Acoustic Desk & Room Divider
BuzziSpace BuzziTrom Acoustic Pendant Lighting
BuzziSpace BuzziVille Freestanding Modular Workstation
BuzziSpace BuzziWrap Desk Acoustic Panel
BuzziSpace BuzziZepp Suspended Acoustic Lighting Element
NOX Acoustic Setagrip Micro Suction Adhesion Flooring
NOX LVS⁺ Luxury Vinyl Sheet Flooring
NOX SOUNDPROTEC ECOLAY⁺ Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring
Rockfon Blanka® Acoustic Suspended Ceiling
Rockfon Color-all® Acoustic Suspended Ceiling
Vetrospace L Acoustic Office Pod
Vetrospace M Acoustic Office Pod
Vetrospace M+ Acoustic Office Pod
Vetrospace S Acoustic Office Pod
Vetrospace XL Acoustic Office Pod
Vetrospace XS Acoustic Office Pod
Vetrospace XXL Acoustic Office Pod

Glossary of Acoustic Terms

The Acoustics Academy Glossary of Acoustics Concepts & Parameters